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Lars Nilsson is a Swedish designer & artist, living in Wisconsin US.

He is a disciple of the humanistic Nordic design tradition formed by designers and architects like Arne Jacobsen, Kaj Frank, and Alvar Aalto.

Lars is multi-disciplinary, with long experience in furniture design, industrial design, fashion design and he was one of the founders of the innovative art furniture group "Offbeat Design" in Stockholm, Sweden, during the 80th. Lars has exhibited Internationally in Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, England, and Finland.

 Lars is a champion of Scandinavian design — of prioritizing functionality without eliminating grace and beauty.
 The Scandinavian aesthetic, of mass-produced design that is accessible and available to all, with a touch of grace, reminds the user that the product’s creator is human.

Working as a sculptor over the years, Lars has developed a technique to make sensuous pieces in aluminum, glass, and wood. His sculptures have been exhibited in many galleries in Europe. 

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